Puppy & Kitten Wellness Visits in Lambertville, MI

One of the first things you should do after bringing your new pet home is to introduce him or her to our team, your veterinarian care team. Visits with puppies and kittens provide a special chance for you and your new pet to start off on the right foot.


Puppy & Kitten Wellness Visits Lambertville, MI

You can expect a thorough “nose-to-tail” physical inspection when you bring your puppy or kitten in. We’ll check your new pet for any symptoms of sickness and make sure they’re healthy.

Do you have inquiries about diet, exercise, immunizations, grooming, parasite defense, or general health? Even if you are a very seasoned pet owner and have previously owned puppies or kittens, every pet is different and presents a chance to learn something new! We appreciate your inquiries and are eager to resolve any worries you may have. For any information, contact us or give us a call.

Wellness check-ups for puppies and kittens are also a chance to talk about your new pet’s recommended vaccination schedule and the best strategy for parasite testing, treatment, and prevention. At Paws and Claws Animal Hospital, Our goal is to provide you with the finest advice for your puppy or kitten, and our doctors and other staff members are knowledgeable about veterinary vaccinations and parasite treatment. Bring any records you have received so we can assess your pet’s vaccination and deworming plan and decide how to proceed.

Please give us a call right away to make an appointment to meet your new pet.

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