In-House Pet Laboratory Lambertville, MI

Our in-house laboratory expedites testing and diagnosis for both routine wellness visits and urgent care, saving critical time. In order to better meet your medical needs for quick responses, our knowledgeable Technicians and Doctors make use of our modern lab resources and equipment.


In-House Pet Laboratory Lambertville, MI

A valuable diagnostic method in veterinary medicine is laboratory testing. We are delighted to offer in-house diagnostic laboratory services as a way of offering top-notch treatment to our patients as we consistently endeavor to provide the highest-quality medicine. While some crucial diagnostic tests may only be carried out by outside laboratories, other tests can be carried out internally. Our veterinary care team can better serve your pets’ needs by broadening the testing options available to all of our patients by having access to reliable in-house diagnostic test findings. Do you have inquiries regarding the diagnostic testing solutions we provide? Call us to learn how our laboratory services can help your cherished pet.

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