Pet Vaccinations

Several diseases that might harm dogs and cats can be avoided with the right pet immunizations. When you initially bring your pet to Paws and Claws Animal Hospital, we’ll check sure their vaccinations are current and put them on a schedule to ensure they continue to be current.


Pet Vaccinations in Lambertville, MI

A number of viral and bacterial illnesses to which cats and dogs may be exposed are shielded by vaccinations. To protect your pet from diseases that are common in your area, our veterinarians will set up a vaccination schedule for him or her. Kittens and puppies frequently need an initial vaccine followed by booster doses to ensure they are fully protected against infections.

You may help maintain your new friend’s health by adhering to the recommended vaccine regimen. We also recommend having the parasite levels of all dogs and cats examined twice a year and starting them on a monthly parasite preventive.

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